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Transforming a Marketing Funnel with LinkedIn

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

How Leveraging a Personal LinkedIn Page and Animated Carousels Built Connections and a Recognizable Brand for Dreck Studio.

Collection of our animated carousels on social media.

The Problem:

Dreck faced the challenge of standing out in a crowded market and reaching a wider audience. Despite experimenting with static carousels to share industry insights and business-building thoughts, we felt we were blending in and not effectively connecting with our target audience.

Determined to differentiate ourselves and gain a competitive edge, we adopted an animated approach for our carousels and began publishing them on my personal LinkedIn account, where I had some community support. By doing this, we were able to showcase our animation expertise, increase our online presence by capitalizing on a popular trend and leverage a small but engaged network.

From our first post, we noticed a significant increase in LinkedIn engagement, a %544 increase in page views on our company's LinkedIn page and over %300 on our company website.


The excitement of incorporating animated elements into our content was quickly tempered by the overwhelming workload associated with creating each carousel. Extensive research was required to curate accurate and engaging information, followed by designing visually appealing slides that adhered to our brand guidelines. Timing the slides for legibility and animating each one in an engaging way added another layer of complexity. The combination of these tasks demanded considerable effort and time.

To address this challenge and ensure sustainability, we sought to streamline the carousel creation process, allowing us to maintain quality while freeing up valuable resources for other tasks.

WIP - Working through the design process while considering how elements will animate..

Our solution was to collect all the assets we had made and add them to a folder structure where they’d be easily accessible. The next step was creating a set of boundaries we would design within, essentially creating a project brief.

The next step was to create a simple, customizable template in after effects (where we animate our carousels). We added our brand colours to the library and imported all the icons and graphic assets we had already animated, allowing us to drag and drop them into our compositions and customize the colour palette based on the design.

The Outcome!

The impact of animated carousels on our marketing metrics, as reflected on my LinkedIn page performance, exceeded expectations. Over three months I experienced a 66.8% increase in followers, indicating a growing interest in the content. Engagement surged by an impressive 433.1%, demonstrating that the animated carousels resonated with our target audience and generated meaningful interactions. Moreover, impressions skyrocketed by an astounding 607.6%, expanding our reach and visibility to potential clients and collaborators. And finally, by implementing our template into our workflow, we successfully reduced the production time from 5 days to approximately 3 hours.

The interactive nature of the content and the relatability of the posts sparked conversations and encouraged individuals to reach out and discuss business-building and share their pain points. This engagement strengthened our network and positioned us as a trusted resource and partner in the industry.

The consistent use of animated carousels helped us establish a recognizable brand identity. Our unique approach to sharing industry insights through animation became synonymous with our work, setting us apart from competitors and solidifying our reputation as an animation studio.

In conclusion, the strategic implementation of animated carousels on my personal LinkedIn page transformed the marketing funnel for my studio Dreck. We achieved outstanding results by leveraging community connections, engaging our followers personally, and focusing on our animation expertise. This case study highlights the power of relationships and leveraging a social media trend with an added personal touch to reach and connect with our target audience effectively.

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