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The New Creative Spotlight: Motion Graphics Addition.

As International Women's Day rolls around, I've been thinking a lot about my time in the motion graphics world—often feeling like the odd one out as the only woman or, dare I say, 'mom' in the room. This isn't just my story, though; it's something you'll hear from many in creative fields. Despite more and more women graduating and stepping into these arenas, we still see low rates of women making it to leadership roles. It's a big gap that doesn't just hide the amazing work women are doing but also shouts that we've got some major work to do.

Have you ever clicked on a top 10 list and wondered where all the women are? Yeah, me too. The good news? Things are starting to shift, and more women are stepping into the spotlight. But we're not there yet, and that's why I'm here to turn up the volume on the voices of women who aren't just joining the creative scene but are outright rocking it.

As the creative producer at Dreck Studio and Co-Founder of Mothers of Mograph, I'm committed to taking this momentum further and actively seeking and supporting women in the industry. Inspired by the kickass motion graphics communities like Panimation and Mothers Of Mograph, and in honour of International Women's Day, I'm rolling out the Epic List of Female Thought Leaders, Educators and Communities. It's not just any Notion list—it's a shoutout to the women making waves inside and outside the motion design scene, many of whom might not even realize their impact. This list celebrates those smashing through walls, from finance gurus and coaching mavens to the hands-on pros sharing their craft. These women aren't just playing the game—they're rewriting the rules, paving a brand-new path for the women and moms coming up in the world of motion design.

Screengrab of the Epic List of Females.

Launching this list is more than a nod to International Women's Day; it's a challenge to everyone who's ever organized a conference, influenced social media, or led in our industry. It's time to open our eyes to the diversity and depth of talent around us. Doing this builds a space where everyone can play a part. Got a name or a business that deserves the spotlight? Share it with us here. Together, we can push for a motion design world where women's voices aren't just heard; they are leading the charge.

Dive into the Epic List of Females, and let's make this International Women's Day about celebrating incredible women shaping the future of motion design.

Get the list here!

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