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Grandmas Kitchen.jpg


We were tasked with creating an advertisement that described a feeling in our favourite project from School of Motion. Our memories of grandma's kitchen are filled with sweet aromas that travel between the rooms of the house.

04_Exersice4_GrandmasKitchen_Frame 1_refinesketch.jpg

Frame 01

Close up grandma's kitchen. A vintage vibe with a hand-drawn feel.

The window is open and a cloud of smoke is seeping through the crack. 

Frame 02

Top view of a milkshake glass. The aroma cloud carries in from the previous frame and becomes intertwined with the aroma from the glass. 

To feminine hands reach in to grab the glass. 

05_Exersice4_GrandmasKitchen_Frame 2_refinesketch.jpg
06_Exersice4_GrandmasKitchen_Frame 3_refinesketch.jpg

Frame 03

The camera swoops around creating a ust of wind, leaving behind the glass and multiple flavours for the lockup

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