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Play Safe BC


viaSport British Columbia

Agency of Record

Fractal Communications

Scope of Work

Concept and Design  | Animation  |  Social Media Assets  |  Vo & Audio Design


Creative Director Agency: Kyle McKenna

Creative Direction & Production: Jennie Davis

Design & Animation: Brendan Sadaka

Audio: Underdown Audio


Raising Awareness 
and Promoting 
Safe Sports


The primary objective of the collaboration between Dreck Studio and Fractal Communications was to transform viaSport British Columbia’s existing traditional media campaign into an animated video format that would broaden the campaign's reach and impact. The aim was to create an attention-grabbing, concise video that communicated the importance of safe sports practices and encouraged individuals to utilize the PlaySafeBC Flag Tool to help people understand how to identify and respond to unsafe behavior in sport.

Visual Direction

We began by distilling the traditional campaign into a stylized design, utilizing bold shapes and colors that aligned with the viaSport British Columbia brand.


Our concept focused on seamless movement between frames, creating a continuous story. We developed five main scenes and strategically selected three for each video, using match cuts to transition between them without additional animation or adjustments to the sound design, which allowed us to stay within budget.

To achieve this goal, we examined their existing materials and devised a visual direction that would complement their established aesthetic while also allowing for greater customization and versatility going forward.

• Minimal Colors
• Match cut animation
• Strong lines
• The “line” is the hero
• Flat 2D style with minimal texture


Sketching out the story


Look and feel.

Utilizing the original campaign graphics as our foundation, we have crafted a dynamic color block style that amplifies the movement's essence and captivates the viewer visually. This innovative approach maintains the campaign's authentic vibe while delivering an aesthetically pleasing outcome.


Pulling it all together

Match Cut

We utilized a technique known as a "match cut," which involves seamlessly transitioning between frames while maintaining the animation direction or position of the preceding frame. This approach allowed us to effortlessly switch between scenes in the videos, resulting in a diverse array of visual variations without incurring substantial costs.