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Avail (

Scope of Work

60 Second Explainer video: Concept, Storyboards, Styleframes, Animation


Creative Producer: Jennie Davis

Design: Jenjen Chen

Storyboards and Animation: Jennie Davis

VO: Beau Stephenson

Audio: Stefan Bildy


The ultimate goal of the video is to encourage landlords and tenants to join the platform and become part of a safe and secure renting community.

The Avail platform aims to create a community of responsible DIY landlords and trustworthy tenants. The platform offers education, end-to-end tools, and customer service to support landlords and tenants in their renting experience. The video will showcase the platform's benefits, such as how it helps landlords become responsible property managers and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities.

Visual Direction

The client's brand guide provides a clear foundation for the design direction, but they want to add more character to their static images. The design direction should build on the existing brand guide and incorporate additional elements to create a dynamic and unique visual style.

Screen Shot 2024-06-06 at 8.55.13 PM.png

Sketching out the story

We began the storyboards by utilizing and expanding on the client's existing illustrations as a foundation to develop the storyline. By analyzing the core elements of each illustration, we expanded the narrative and integrated recurring themes to ensure a dynamic and engaging storyline. This process transformed the vibrant visuals into a compelling storyboard, effectively conveying the intended message.


Look and feel.

Our approach for the style frames incorporated the brand's existing ideas and added stylized illustrations to create a dynamic and engaging story. The design approach aimed to reach the target audience with a friendly but professional tone, effectively promoting the client's platform.


The result was a cohesive and visually striking design that effectively communicated the platform's benefits to both landlords and tenants.

Engaging, Trustworthy, Dynamic

​The style frames utilized the client's brand colours and shapes to create a branded story. By alternating dark and light backgrounds, we were able to distinguish between the different target audiences, the landlord and the renter.